Submit a Sample

Proper sampling and sample preparation is critical to the success of any analytical method. Care should be taken to obtain samples for submission that are large enough to be representative of the product or ingredient you want tested. Once the sample is received, it will be evaluated to determine the appropriate method to prepare a homogeneous subsample suitable for testing. Our sample preparation laboratory utilizes a variety of laboratory mills, meat grinders, food choppers, freeze driers, and other devices appropriate to handle a wide range of sample types.

Please provide the following information on your Sample Submission Form:

  • Description of the Sample
  • Tests Requested
  • Name, Address, Phone, and email for Reporting
  • Billing Address
  • Purchase Order Number (if available)

PLEASE NOTE: A Sample Handling Fee of $6.48 is added for each sample submitted.

Download the Sample Submission Form to select tests to be applied to your sample(s) and calculate the estimated cost of services. Complete this submission form and include with your samples. Prices subject to change without notice.

Samples should be shipped to the following address:

NP Analytical Laboratories
c/o Sample Entry
824 Gratiot
St. Louis, MO 63102

For additional information, please call 800-423-6832 or 314-982-1310; fax us at 314-982-1078; or email us.

Sample Preparation

The size of sample you will need to provide depends on which tests you request, and we are happy to discuss your sampling and sample size requirements. Many of our tests require 10g or less per test, but a few require more. Most importantly, be sure your sample is large enough to be representative of the product or ingredient you are testing. If you are sampling a bulk material (grains, premixes, powders, etc.) avoid taking a sub-sample from off of the top or bottom. Mix before sampling, if possible, and composite several small sub-samples. If you are sampling a packaged product, submit multiple packages selected at random from the batch to be tested. Proper sampling is the key to meaningful test results.

Special Instructions For Shipping Perishable Items

Before shipping perishable or frozen samples, please call us in advance so that we can expedite delivery of the samples to ensure their integrity. Samples should be shipped in suitable containers and packed to maintain perishable items at an appropriate temperature. Shipments should be scheduled to arrive at NPAL during regular business hours unless specific arrangements have been made in advance.

Sample Handling And Retention

All samples submitted are tracked by a computer based Laboratory Information Management System. Unique numbers are assigned to all samples submitted. Sample descriptions, customer names, and requested tests are monitored by the system to ensure a complete and timely response to your requests.

Samples submitted for analysis will be retained for thirty (30) days after the results have been reported. Sample retention may be affected by the stability of the sample or the quantity of sample submitted for testing. You may make specific arrangements for extended sample retention prior to or at the time of sample submission. Such extended storage may result in additional charges.

Raw Data

Raw data, associated reference sample results, instrument performance checks, and other records associated with all samples are retained for five (5) years. Records are stored according to written protocols. You may request copies of pertinent raw data. There may be additional costs associated with extended storage and copies of raw data, duplicate reports, or other special reporting requirements.


Customer privacy is of utmost importance to NPAL and that is why all services, analyses, and reports are provided to you, the customer on a confidential basis. No references to the services, the analyses, the results, NPAL or Nestlé Purina PetCare in any form of advertising, news release, or other public announcement will be made without prior written authorization.