Standard Terms & Conditions of Service



Samples submitted for analysis will be retained for thirty (30) days after the results have been reported. Sample retention may be affected by the stability of the sample or the quantity of sample submitted for testing. You may make specific arrangements for extended sample retention prior to or at the time of sample submission. Such extended storage may result in additional charges.



All services provided by NPAL will be performed in accordance with the NPAL Quality Assurance Program. The customer must notify NPAL of specific documentation requirements prior to the start of any services.



Raw data, associated reference sample results, instrument performance checks, and other records associated with all samples are retained for five (5) years. Records are stored according to written protocols. You may request copies of pertinent raw data. There may be additional costs associated with extended storage and copies of raw data, duplicate reports, or other special reporting requirements.



Customer privacy is of utmost importance to NPAL and that is why all services, analyses, and reports are provided to you, the customer on a confidential basis. No references to the services, the analyses, the results, NPAL or Nestlé Purina PetCare in any form of advertising, news release, or other public announcement will be made without prior written authorization.



NPAL will perform the services, within the limits prescribed by the customer, in a manner consistent with the level of care and skill ordinarily exercised by analytical laboratories currently practicing under similar conditions and circumstances and performing similar services. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING A WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, ARE EXCLUDED.



By using the data from analyses performed by NPAL, customer acknowledges that the total liability of NPAL, its directors, officers, agents or employees to customer arising out of, or in connection with, the services performed shall not exceed the invoiced amount for said services. The foregoing shall apply, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in any customer purchase order or other order for work issued.



Payment terms are net 30 days from the invoice date. A service charge of 1.5% per month may be added to any unpaid balances.