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Product & Ingredient Testing Designed To Meet Your Needs

NPAL offers an accredited program, providing complete product and ingredient testing services. Whether you are developing a nutrient label, monitoring ingredient quality, evaluating new product concepts, or verifying product safety, our experienced staff of chemists and microbiologists work with you to provide the reliable information you need.

NPAL services are listed alphabetically below. Select a category to narrow your search. If you do not see a test you are looking for, please contact us — we may be able to provide the services you need.

Download the Sample Submission Form to select tests to be applied to your sample(s) and calculate the estimated cost of services. Complete this submission form and include with your samples.

Pepsin digestibility  $45.00
Peroxide value (in fats)  $24.00
Peroxide value (in foods, feeds, and ingredients)  $30.00
pH  $17.00
Phosphorous  $30.00
Phytic acid, ion exchange  $70.00
Potassium  $21.00
Propionic acid  $75.00
Propylene glycol  $80.00
Protein  $15.00
Protein dispersibility index  $47.00
Protein solubility in 0.2% KOH  $38.00
Protein, acid detergent  $30.00
Psychrotrophic plate count  $23.00
Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)  $90.00
Retinol and retinol esters  $85.00
Riboflavin  $60.00
Salmonella MPN  Inquire
Salmonella, complete serological ID.  $165.00
Salmonella/25g (add'n cost to confirm)  $26.00
Salmonella/375g (add'n cost to confirm)  $34.00
Salt, soluble  $21.00
Sample Handling and Preparation  $6.00
Scandium  $21.00
Screen Test  $20.00
Screen, Alpine or Brinkman  $20.00
Selenium  $38.00
Silicon  $60.00
Silver  $21.00
Sodium  $21.00
Sorbic acid  $80.00
Special Chemistry Testing  Inquire
Stachyose & Raffinose  $50.00
Staphylococcus aureus count  $22.00
Staphylococcus aureus MPN (add'n cost to confirm)  $38.00
Starch, enzymatic  $55.00
Starch, enzymatic (total and gelatinized)  $65.00
Strontium  $21.00
Sugar profile  $80.00
Sugar profile with stachyose and raffinose  $130.00